kind words
You've all said the sweetest things!  THANK YOU!
We have gotten tons of compliments on the invites... Today John's boss' wife called him just to tell him how cool they were. Then he went home for lunch just to see what his wife was raving about, only to return to the office to say "Yep, those are pretty bad-ass." Thanks, we'll send more work your way soon!

Thanks so much and we have gotten an enormous amount of compliments and positive feedback with the invitations. It was a exciting to hear all the wonderful things people have had to say - even from people I barely know! Thank you so much for everything and for making our invites so lovely - we will cherish them forever.

The invitations look wonderful!!! Chris and I love them.  They are fantastic and I am so pleased. You did a wonderful job.  I think they are perfect for us. I love how unique and creative they are and at the same time, they look so professional and classic. Wahoo!   

Lilla and I would like to thank you for all your hard work in making our invitations.  When we recently visited our families on the east coast, we showed the invitation and everyone was thrilled.  We are really happy with the design!

Thank you so much for our wonderful wedding invitations! They are absolutely beautiful and everyone has commented on them! Thanks for all your help these past months!
Leo & Jen